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Yeah, I'm sorry 'bout the tiny house. The shower goes out every time this lady bug lands on the solar panel
—Coyote, to Bud[src]

Coyote Bergstein is a principal character on Grace and Frankie. He is a member of the Bergstein Family.


Coyote is the adopted son of Frankie and Sol Bergstein and the brother of Nwabudike Bergstein. Coyote used to be a professor, but after going through rehab, he works as a substitute teacher. He was presumably fired after obtaining cocaine from a student.[1] Coyote is now a recovering drug addict, and is doing well. He lives temporarily with Bud, but buys a tiny home which is parked on Mallory's curb. Coyote and Mallory had a thing for each other when they were teenagers that resulted in a pregnancy.

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  • Coyote was almost named Robin, after his maternal uncle[2].
  • He has a pet lizard named Spencer.
  • He is a recovering alcoholic & drug addict.
  • He was formerly, and possibly still is, in love with Mallory Hanson. Her ex-husband, Mitch, used to be his best friend
  • He pulls on his right ear while listening.
  • Although he is said to be Sol and Frankie's younger son, he is stated in 2018 to be 36 making his birth year 1982 while his younger brother Bud is born in 1984.


CoyoteHey, uh, you guys ever do that thing where you stretch, and then your head gets dizzy, and you see those little pieces of tin foil flying around?
MalCoyote, what do you know?
―Historically very little[src]
Really wish you hadn't told me about the bag of pot
—Coyote to Grace[src]

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