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Peter Higgins is a recurring character on Grace and Frankie, portrayed by Tim Bagley.


Peter is sassy, gossipy and rude, but also there for Robert and Sol at times.


Peter works as a musical director and is a longtime friend of Robert, and later befriends Sol. He is married to Jeff, who also had a one night stand with Robert in 2003.

Peter often directs Robert in his musicals and gets on Robert's nerves. Nevertheless, they appear to be on friendly terms. He and Sol have a more tense relationship. He married Jeff at some point but theirs was an open marriage with the rules: never with Stevie Mazza, never in their bed, and never with the same person twice. Peter ultimately broke this rule, because he slept with Stevie Mazza in their bed multiple times, while watching American Horror Story. Jeff left Peter after this.


  • He often takes credit for Robert's Tappy Award.
  • Peter and Jeff are very sexually active. Peter states their heaviest sessions are when breaking up.
  • Robert says Peter knew about Jeff's and his affair, implying Jeff and Peter were already dating in 2003 when the affair was taking place. In The Squat, which aired in 2019, however, Robert states Jeff and Peter have been together for fifteen years, signifying they had only started dating in 2004, roughly a year later.


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