Grace and Frankie
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date May 8, 2015
Written by Jacquelyn Reingold
Directed by Julie Anne Robinson
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The Bachelor Party is the 12th episode of the first season of Grace and Frankie and the twelfth episode overall.


Bud and Coyote ask Brianna and Mallory to help them throw Sol and Robert's bachelor party. Grace offers to do ANYTHING to cheer Frankie up.[1]


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Guest starring

Tim Bagley as Peter
Michael Gross as Jeff
John Balma as Eddie
Butch Klein as Al
Creed Bratton as Seth
Ken Lerner as Elliott
Eric Deskin as Stu
William Dennis Hunt as Nelson Queller
Sam Buchanan as Bartender
David L. King as Charlie
Jamie Landau as Hipster Waiter
David Lengel as Manager
Bon Ogle as Homeless Guy


  • Grace tells Frankie she didn't say to Guy she loved him too
  • Robert almost hits an old colleague when he calls Robert the f-word

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  1. Synopsis taken directly from Netflix itself.