Grace and Frankie
Season 4, Episode 9
Air date 19 January 2018
Written by Gretchen Enders
Directed by Rebecca Asher
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The Knee is the 9th episode of Season Four on Netflix series Grace and Frankie.


Nick helps Grace while she's recovering from surgery. Jacob gets upset with Frankie because she wants to spend all their couple time with the baby.


Jane Fonda as Grace Hanson
Lily Tomlin as Frankie Bergstein
Sam Waterston as Sol Bergstein
Martin Sheen as Robert Hanson
Brooklyn Decker as Mallory Hanson
Ethan Embry as Coyote Bergstein
June Diane Raphael as Brianna Hanson
Baron Vaughn as Nwabudike Bergstein

Recurring cast

Ernie Hudson as Jacob
Peter Gallagher as Nick Skolka
Lindsey Kraft as Allison Giampietro-Smikowitz

Guest starring

Megan Ferguson as Nadia
Millicent Martin as Joan-Margaret


  • Jacob breaks up with Frankie
  • Frankie names Bud and Allison's daughter Faith
  • Joan-Margaret suggests to Sol and Robert that they try therapy